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Global CISO Network

What is the Global CISO Network? 

It’s a private invitation only network of CISO, CIO, and Cybersecurity practitioners where ideas, information exchange, and best practices are shared among a trusted private network across the globe. The Network incorporated C-suite executives from all over the Globe to expand each other’s network and improve communication across industry partners. 

There are bi-monthly one-hour webinars with a topic specific presentation by a fellow member on a topic. Topics are voted on through surveys conducted every month. 

Why Global CISO Network? 

The Global CISO Network is all about vetting, trust and discretion. The private network allows secure communication between members which can be discreet in nature, including withholding names or specific identifiable information of the messenger. 

What are the rules of the Global CISO Network? 

Each member signs an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) and agrees to all terms of the platform including the strict privacy rules of the platform. Any violation of those terms will result in immediate expulsion from the group and potential legal actions. 

Who is allowed to join the Global CISO Network? 

Members are invited to join via the trusted network of members and must have 2 members vet them for the application to be considered. Each member completes an application form which is vetted and verified by the admission committee. Once approved the applicant will receive a link to join the communication channel of the group. 

What are the advantages of the Global CISO Network? 

The Global CISO Network for CISO, CIO and executives who seek counsel, information exchange and expanding their network of peers from all over the globe. Cybersecurity is a global threat that requires global attention and the goal of the GCN is to foster the growth of international cooperation between various private and public sectors to combat cybersecurity threats

Is there a cost to join the Global CISO Network? 

At this time there’s no cost to join the network and use its resources.  

What security measures does the Global CISO Network take? 

We all know there is no such thing as 100% security. It’s not if, it’s when. Our platform is encrypted for messaging purposes. We are always practicing good cyber hygiene and continue to invest in a secured method of allowing this group to thrive securely.