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Law Firms

Cybersecurity is advancing and cyber-attacks are happening and they are targeting law firms on a daily basis. Law Firms are easy to hack because it's not just another technology issue it has become one of the biggest risks law firms face. The reason is because they lack the security they need to protect their data. Some large law firms have some of the most sensitive client based data there is. It can be used to create fake IDs, obtain personal data about clients and the company employees, and manipulate data and leverage companies to leak data or information about stocks.

How will we help?

  • CyberHub USA's services & exclusive experts will help plan and execute from vulnerability management to incident response and beyond, our experts will help you build out process and collateral to run any facet of your security program.
  • We will  assess your current state and analyze gaps to identify solution to a better security program.

Cyber Threats Facing Law Firms:

  1. The Risk of Legal Malpractice Allegations Due To Poor Cybersecurity
  2. Phishing/Hacked Email Accounts
  3. Ransomware
  4. Sensitive Data Leak