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What We Do:

Our Managed Back-up and Restore service lets you design a data protection strategy based on your specific business needs. The service guarantees the successful backup of your data, with support for daily offsite tape backups. We give you the capability and tools to perform data restores at your convenience. We also provide an optional offsite vaulting service which stores a separate and secure copy of your data, outside of our data center.

CyberHub will provide 24/7 service to your company to help with your data restoration needs. Additionally, our data center is available 24/7, retains redundant storage configurations, unfailing power supplies and, steadfast connectivity. Data server are stored in hardened structures to ensure your data is always available to you. Access to the Managed Backup and Restore infrastructure is strictly controlled, with both physical and digital safeguards. Backup and recovery functionality, along with logs and performance reports, are available through a web-based portal.