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Incident Response Plans

Incident Response Plans

CyberHub USA provides proven, innovative risk management and security consulting services to assist clients to better understand and manage man-made and natural risks… and survive them in our increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world.

Crises and incidents require a unique set of leadership skills beyond those used to run day to day business activities. These skills include:

  • Crisis Decision Making
  • Developing a Common Understanding of What is Happening
  • Crisis Communications (internal, external, social media)
  • Crisis Organization, Structures, Plans, and Policies
  • Crisis Response Training

Today’s security transcends the traditional landscape of Enterprise Risk Management and ISO 31000 standards. Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Cybersecurity is a dynamic set of activities that must work in harmony to deter, detect, defend, and recover from asymmetric cyber threats. These capabilities are achieved through three means: currency of hardware and software, well trained personnel, and crisis response preparedness.

CyberHub USA’s cyber expertise is provided by industry leading individuals and partners.

  • Ms. Sherri Ramsay, the former Director of the National Security Agency’s Threat Operations Center (NTOC), provides both technical and organization leader perspectives regarding the enhancement of cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Our cybersecurity training is provided by partners such as TeamWorx Security, a leading threat intelligence company delivering services and training to key U.S. government agencies.

CyberHub USA’s expertise in delivering Crisis Leadership Training and Cyber Crisis Management Simulations takes our clients organization beyond compliance to preparedness. CyberHub USA’s preeminent team consists of individuals with over 30 years of Government and Private Sector simulation experience at the highest level including the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Our Executive Leadership trainers include:

  • LTG(R) John Sattler, USMC, former Director of Strategic Plans and Policy (J5) the Joint Staff
  • Andrew Mack, former World Bank official and CEO of a private international business consulting firm
  • John Halinski, former Deputy Administrator/Deputy Assistant Secretary, TSA
  • MG(R) David Morris, Special Forces and retired Senior Intelligence Executive


We customize training to match client needs, systems, and personnel skills, integrating ISC2 skills to enable client personnel to successfully test and receive international certifications. Our Cybersecurity training includes:

  • Intelligence and Operations Integration
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Smart Enabled Team Collaboration
  • Workflow Modeling and Design
  • SOC operations
  • Incident and Crisis Response Planning
  • Rapid Capabilities Development


Our Crisis Leader training is focused on the Executive Leadership and the Incident Response Team leaders, helping them develop the unique skills needed to lead an organization through crisis response and recovery. Cyber Crisis Management Simulations put the Leadership team through a realistic threat scenario, customized to our client’s organization, assessing our client team’s ability to address and contain a crisis, respond to and mitigate evolving business and/or security threats, and guide the company and its stakeholders effectively through the crisis.

Skills are developed, and/or refined utilizing scenario based experiential learning and include:

  • Gaining an initial understanding of what is happening
  • Development of the executive situation update
  • Crisis decision making
  • Development of clear actionable guidance
  • Crisis time management
  • Development of guidance for the development and implementation of solutions
  • Crisis Communications

Our simulations are based on detailed, customized scenarios that represent real-life threats – from physical, financial, and cyber threats, to supply-chain disruption/destruction, or debilitating intellectual property thefts.

During each exercise, CyberHub USA’s Team of industry experts and corporate leaders provide ‘push back’ on the client team’s actions, realistically simulating the challenging external influences and rapidly evolving environments that are often encountered in a real-life crises. Exercise scenarios can include incorporating hostile corporate competitors, friendly or hostile government entities, and/or aggressive criminal or terroristic elements.

We assess our client’s team and its ability to rapidly respond to and work effectively together in high-stress, evolving work environments, resulting in our client’s ability to efficiently and effectively mitigate and/or nullify all threats faced, thereby resolving crises and protecting corporate assets and reputation.

We assess the effectiveness of clients’ corporate policies and procedures in order to enable firm executives and staff to accurately respond, predict and prepare for crises.


Solutions that bring immediate ROI, preventing/shortening of crises; increasing/building employee and customer confidence; reducing risk to brand, executive and board members, and reducing costs.

Solutions that increase confidence in company leadership, creating value with customers, employees, partners, stockholders and Global Market – increasing bottom-line valuations.