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On-Demand CISO

What is an On-Demand CISO?

On-Demand CISO Consulting Services provides organizations with a Chief Information Security Officer with the executive leadership and skills to help plan, define and execute a unique security strategy. The On-Demand CISO serves as an invaluable asset for your team to ensure the highest levels of security in terms of people, process, and technology.

On-Demand CISO Benefits – What should you get?

On-demand CISO Consulting Services provides your company with a senior executive that is well versed in risk management and possesses a strong background in IT leadership. The On-Demand CISO engages with your organization on a regular basis to define and implement security, compliance, and governance policies and procedures.

On-Demand CISO Consulting Services are:


  • Driving IT Security processes and programs while costing about 40% of an average CISO’s salary.

Deliver Industry Expertise and Knowledge

  • On-Demand CISOs have consulting experience with environments across multiple industries that allow them to assist you using a more customized approach.

Provide Instant Value

  • On-Demand CISOs’ extensive IT Security experience permits them to quickly deliver results, value, and protection.


  • Gain the ability to align your business with a solution that scales to your needs recognizing your existing security tools and budget constraints.

Vendor neutrality

  • Benefit from a “vendor neutral” approach to technology, On-Demand CISOs make recommendations based on your needs, not a hidden agenda.

Adaptive, not Reactive

  • Cyber Security threats are always evolving and expanding. On-demand CISOs hold a number of certifications and constantly in training to help clients address new threats.




Every Startup is in need to address security in today’s world. 43% of cyber-attacks target small business that don’t consider protecting data or have a weak security plan. Startups consider themselves veiled from all cyber-attacks, because they are a small organization with limited data that can be breached. However, this is inaccurate information and outright false.

Our Startup Program provides an expert security advisor that will help your Startup through the stages of being protected from internal/external cyber-attacks. Our trusted advisor will help build a security program designed just for your company. This Startup program is specifically designed to help your business type to succeed.



There are SMB’s all over the world are thriving to be larger and more successful organization. But according to U.S’ National Cyber Security Alliance 60% small companies that suffer a cyber-attack are out of business within six months. Our SMB’s Security program includes everything from the startup program and much more. Our provided vCISO will help boost and construct your security program more interactively. Your on-demand CISO will work alongside your business to create a continuity and incident response plan. Our SMB’s program is designed for your business and will help you succeed by ensuring your security.


Large Business

Business sizes don’t matter to the hackers who are planning cyber-attacks on your IT infrastructure as your reading this. Having a strong security program makes it harder to overlook the fact that a breach can’t happen anytime soon. Hackers are using cutting-edge technology to target specific companies and finding custom-made shortcuts that lead them right into your system. Our Large Business program will focus on the weak-points, train employees to be more vigilant, and add to your incident response plan to help you succeed and protect your data from security risks.